About Us

Our company is your complete maritime logistics solution.


Peeples Industries, Inc. origins date back to 1965 when Frank Peeples founded Southeastern Maritime Co., a regional vessel agency and stevedoring services provider based in Savannah, Georgia.  In 1977 SEMCO was merged into PII forming a financial holding company with several operating subsidiaries providing a wide range of marine terminal and logistic support services for its growing customer base in the US South Atlantic market.  In its over 50 year history in the transportation business, PII remains firmly focused on its core bulk marine terminal operations capable of handling all of a customer’s transportation logistics needs from the marine terminal gateway to inland facilities and destinations around the world.  


In order to meet these challenging economic times and help shape the future of the transportation industry, PII is committed to creating and providing innovative logistical support services that will help our customers succeed.


The management philosophy of PII is to continuously improve our services through process re-engineering and to be an innovator in the materials handling / transportation industry.  PII places major emphasis on research and development to not only create new cargo handling equipment and techniques, but also transportation service products and state-of-the-art automated systems to increase efficiency, safety and cost effectiveness.